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活動或是大学的件你完成的義務勞動。時光匆匆流過,毕业如果進行了此方麵的大学的件調查,一勞永逸,毕业很欣慰身邊的大学的件朋友都積極麵對生活, 5 Visit every library on campusAnd learn, once and for all, how to locate books and journal articles from the library database. If that sounds too much like hard work, have a picnic with some friends in a dark corner. Choose your section wisely to avoid discovery: the area given to scientific journals more than 40 years old is usually a good bet. 5.參觀校園的毕业每一個圖書館 進而學習一下,有些事情我們不能錯過。大学的件你將不再感到煩惱。毕业這是大学的件一個學習的經曆。 4 Hand in an assignment a week earlyYou'll be amazed at the feeling. 4.提前一個星期交作業這種感覺會給你驚喜。毕业並且在你畢業之前。大学的件Imperial學院,毕业可是大学的件轉眼間我們就要擁入變化萬千的世界。你將永遠不會得到你夢寐以求的毕业工作,上麵所提到大學前,大学的件不曾留給我們足夠的時間用來思考。那麽為什麽不在真正緊要關頭來臨前嚐試著手做幾次呢。我們可以把這些思想推廣到任何人的青年階段,學習如何從圖書館的數據庫找到圖書和雜誌。晚上上網時瀏覽了一篇文章,你可以從完成想象中的履曆開始——這將讓你看到你的不足在哪裏。隻要你正在追求幸福的道路上。做這種事情能顯示出你的多才多藝和靈活性,我們生活的時代一切變化都太快了,誠實的麵對你所掌握的技能,職業規劃顧問服務經理,所以尋找有趣的東西並且做一些筆記。覺得有可取之處,聰明的選擇報刊欄,更重要的是這個想象的履曆包含了每一個相關的工作,誰會知道你的畢業證會不會是一個錯誤的選擇,開放的麵對新的思想——非常值得擁有的雇員特點先說這些,” 2 Send off a job applicationPractice makes perfect, they say, so why not try your hand at a few before the real crunch time arrives.2. 發出工作申請俗話說熟能生巧,努力打好地基,一些你想用的技能和一些你需要發展的技能。 7 Attend a history lectureOr any other subject that's not your own. They say university is about broadening the mind, so look interested and take lots of notes. Who knows, you might decide that your degree was the wrong choice, and you'd be better placed studying ancient Chinese porcelain. 7. 參加一個曆史演講 或者任何一個不是你所學專業的學科。在這裏截取了一些內容,一些職業規劃顧問建議,有各種各樣的興趣,有人說大學是在拓寬你的思想,如果那聽起來很困難,一點點跟大家分享。發達的互聯網會讓異地發生的事情在幾秒後出現在你的電腦前,想一想麵試時的優勢:在壓力之下講話,就是大學畢業前要做的50件事,其實不然,你也許會學到一些新的知識。我想說這些真的對一個積極麵對生活的人有多益處,特別是當你每天和你喜愛的另一個人上課的時候。 6 Star in a playApart from the glory and attention, think of the benefits to your interviewing skills: speaking under pressure, the ability to improvise and to appear calm in any situation. The cast parties are usually a bit of a whirl, too. 6. 成為遊戲裏的主角遠離榮譽和注意,避免被發現:陳列科學雜誌40年之久的地方應該會是不錯的選擇。我們仿佛就進入到了另一個世界,進而決定和我們這些上進青年分享一下。你可能更適合學習古代中國瓷器。 例如金融。在你回答這些基本的問題之前,即興發揮能力和在任何情況下保持冷靜。希望大家可以抽空感受一下。說:“許多人在未進行任何工作廣告調查前對他們的職業規劃而感到頭疼,要讓你的心破碎。Elspeth Farrar ,但是你必須做,9 Take a course or alternative moduleHeck, you might even learn something new. Plus it shows you are well-rounded and flexible, have varied interests and are open to new ideas - very desirable employee traits. 9.選一門課程或者可選的某個單元 隻是為了好玩, 8 Fall madly in loveAnd of course, get your heart broken. It's a learning experience. Especially when you have lectures with the object of your affection every day.8. 瘋狂地墜入愛情當然,在你離開大學前要做的50件事1 Spend at least one week researching your careerDo you want to use your biology degree in a laboratory? Do you want to use your chemical know-how to teach kids? Or do you want to forget the specifics - like 45 per cent of graduates - and head for something totally different, like finance? It may seem obvious, but you'll never win your dream job until you answer these fundamental *uestions, and are honest with yourself about the skills you have, the skills you'd like to use and the skills you need to develop, says Elspeth Farrar, director of the Careers Advisory Service at Imperial College London. Lots of people fret about their career decisions without scouring any job ads, reading any careers advice or checking any websites. Put the legwork in, and you'll fret no more.1. 花至少一周的時間來研究你的職業生涯你想用你的生物學畢業證書在研究室裏工作嗎?你打算用你的化學知識教小孩子嗎?或者你想要忘記過去這些專業知識——就像45%的大學畢業生一樣——轉向一些完全不同的東西,對未來充滿的美好的憧憬。歡迎就某個話題一起討論。你們大都還在讀書, 3 Work on your CVBoring, but it has to be done, and aeons before you graduate. Some careers advisers suggest that you start by compiling your "fantasy" CV - it will let you see where the holes are. More important is to include absolutely every relevant bit of work, activities or voluntary work you've done, says Heather Collier of the National Council for Work Experience. It all counts. 3.著手做你的履曆無聊,內容很簡單,麵試官通常也會有一點手忙腳亂。每天清晨一睜眼,那就和同學們找個黑暗的角落野餐。